the living heart

writings from the mystic self

our movement

water sun beach


our movement is perceived as the panoramic heavens above…

Dear ~Soul and essence~

i know you take on all forms….

i bear witness to your beauty.

You are loved. 

That is all i want to say ever and always.

The appreciation of the only thing that is real.

And what is this feeling beyond it all…

beyond these feeble perceptions called our lives….

the energy flows through lifetimes….

and we stand here at the edge…

that place that opens up to it All~~

And i have been with you always…

in every single breath…

every movement and glance and thought and moment of forgetting…

you are the essence of the energy that i am…


Life itself.


And i do not know the form you take for our meeting again….

But i have eyes that see…

Eyes that desire to see….

I desire to know you…

That is why i am here.  In this lifetime.

What is the self but existence itself?


And as we stand here…. embracing the infinite…..

maybe the fears and frustrations will arise…

i am just being open with you.

Maybe the tears will fall.

And that is okay.

But lets embrace that…


Together we can move deeper into this exploration….

for there is no you or i anymore.

the water that is our body gently rises up to shore…

the sun rises and sets…

our soft steps on warm sand…

the air and brilliance of being and a million suns

dissolving in the light.


Feel the love in this tender heart….

as it breaks in every way….

breaks and bleeds….

so that i may once again know your fullness.

I surrender everything so that i may see you.


smiling dancing flowing


Smiling dancing flowing

This eternal song and movement.

And our eyes reflect it all.

The sun of our being.

And you do not have to blink

And I am before you.

that is its nature


The eagle soars.

That is its nature.

Elegant expression.

The fish swims.

The leopard hunts.

The spider spins its web.

The baby cries and smiles.

The plant grows towards the light.

The flower shares its essence, its fragrance and vulnerability.

Not thinking of what it should do or be.

It just does.

That is its nature.


As we walk the sun shines.

We see through this world.

Observing existence.


the eternal sun

Do you hear the ever-present Whisper

that is your own voice?


Feel the Eternal Sun that always shines…


the body is no longer his abode

Flock of birds

the body is no longer his abode

it was given up

to exist in this way:


as an apple

that willingly gives itself up

to be cut by your teeth

over and over

and swallowed

to nourish you


as blades of grass

that cushion your step

as you cross ground


as the stubbornly slow street light

that greets you on your daily path

as you pause at an intersection


as the gentle air that


your skin

your being

lifts you up and dances with you


endless delight~

and feels your sweet sorrow too~


as the bottomless sky and expanse of space

and the infinite variety of forms

in this world and all others

and beyond~

so that you may have something to wonder at

and gaze upon

and so that your playground may be large enough



there never has been

nor ever will be any limits

as to what is possible and what simply is eternal


beyond the beyond~

back and beyond~


The body is no longer her abode

it was given up

to exist in this way:


as the fields of cotton

so that she may be roughly plucked and spun

and sewn into clothing to be worn by you

to protect and give you warmth

in all weather

and to always feel you close


as the sun

as the snow

as the elements

as the flight of birds

and last leaf fall of an autumn spruce


and as nothing and all.


he gave up the old way so

that he may know you.


who did he become?

but listen for it and perchance you shall hear it whispered:

not two but one


he became your Lover

he became You~~


let’s just call it love




another day…. another year…

in the blink of an eye the passage of a lifetime…

open into the beyond

this place beyond places, beyond time, beyond perception

beyond the beyond

depthless depth, true power~~

no thought, just this ~

and what is it that






your life and all of existence?

explore the depths….

beyond the Beyond

it is here in this very moment…

in this simplicity

and it is the depth of what you are…

it is simply this dear Soul…

there is not really another word for it

so let’s just call it love.

the ocean that is our body…

morning sun

the ocean that is our body gently rises up to shore…

the sun of our being arches in the sky and ’round…

the wind that is our touch caresses…

our movement is perceived as the panoramic heavens above and flow of lifetimes and dreams…

Dear Soul~

You take on all forms

i became beautiful when I discovered what you are.

i became a lover when i perceived your depth.

You are loved.

this Energy we are… the naked flower


and we stand here at the edge

that place that opens up to it All~~

i have always been with you

in every single breath

And i am here for only one reason in this lifetime

Not for anything else.

What is the self but existence itself…

the experience and creation of it all.

there is no you or i.

the water that is our body gently rises up to shore…

the sun rises and falls…

our steps on warm sand

the air and brilliance of being

a million suns dissolve in our light

Feel the love of this tender heart

i surrender everything

our true wealth


this river of life…

faces of strangers that are the very self…

We meet and meet again.

it has always been so.

such is the joy and depth.

the simplicity.

~the love~




~~this Energy we are~~

Our true wealth is this:

that even when every last thing in this world is no more….

there is still everything.


tasting existence.

the beauty of You.





the love that is~

(What are you most passionate about?)


the deep exploration and living of Life~

the exploration of You~

existence is our playground.  the beauty and wonder of it all…

there is no you or i.

only the constancy of existence

that which simply is~

our vulnerability.

our breath.

the flowering essence we are~

naked… in and as existence~

this exploration… so beautiful~~

no beginning or end to this


existence cannot be controlled…

~~only opened to~~

and on my wrist i wear a thin red string… the softest cotton, like a silk so soft. seems like it would simply break apart but it never does for it is an earthly reminder of what we are… the love that is

two seagulls





the only way to live really~

And what does it mean to be truly vulnerable in existence?

Open to it All….

~~this love~~

~~this mystery~~

~~this laugh and dance~~

~~~this Energy~~~

~~this depth of what you are~~

And only a Lover knows what happens behind the veils.

Endless is our wealth.